People from all over the world love to do some adventures and sports. Different sports are introduced every new year with the increasing demands of the people for different sports. Dubai has people from all around the world, living in different areas of the city and experiencing different lifestyles. If you are finding some property to live in Dubai, then look for the latest Port De La Mer apartments for sale. Just like all the other sports, ice skating is also a sport that is loved by many people. It is for the entertainment of the people to take a break from their hectic routines and try something that excites them.

The ice in the rinks are frozen mechanically from below and the rinks are all made indoors. A little preparation is done before the match to make the experience pleasant, and the rinks are also available for rent but are sure to be there with all the necessary accessories like a jacket and gloves.

One should wear long jeans or trousers, a warm shirt or t-shirt, and a jacket, all of these are necessary. It is also recommended to take good warm gloves with you. There are helmets available for rent or you can take your helmet.

For the people who are looking for a change from the beaches and ultra-modern skyscrapers and wanting something new, then ice skating can be better entertainment for you. It starts from learning how to skate, learn the lessons, and then ice hockey matches, the matches are played in the days and evenings. The most fun scene is at the disco party where you may belong to any age you can groove while they skate.

Here are some of the places offering public ice skating sessions, but it is recommended to check their schedule to avoid any other circumstances.


It is located in Downtown Dubai. The timings are from 10 am to 10 pm from Sunday to Wednesday and from 11:15 am to 12 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Prices for a single adult can be around AED 60 and AED 25 for children.

It is just fifteen minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Jumeirah and The Palm. The Dubai Mall hosts this sport, offering a golden opportunity for the professional and experienced skaters, located exactly near the souk of Dubai Mall, near the cafes, and shops. There are other entertainment centres like Kidzania and Sega Republic. It has seating arrangements for almost over 300 people spectators, and also a store nearby that sells all the necessary accessories for ice skating. There are professionals to guide you throughout the process. You can also set up birthday parties and special events such as parties and ladies only skate-sessions.


The timings can be checked on their websites, prices from Wednesday to Sunday are AED 40 and on Thursdays, it is AED 45, and for the parties, it is AED 60 but the parties are done only on Thursday and Friday.

It is located in the oldest and busiest areas of Dubai, Deira. The galleria ice rink is one of the first rinks in the city, it is also a part of Hyatt Regency Dubai hotel, and is very famous among professional skaters. This area is old but very beautiful and enhances the glamour of the city and is near to the International Airport.

The Galleria provides coaching to its students, disco nights, and public skate sessions at a cheaper price. It may be a smaller rink than the other rinks of the city but still a good option. They have different packages of membership that can be monthly or annual which are amazing for skate lovers.

Ice skating is a great sport and is loved by almost all people across the globe. Dubai is the melting pot of many cultures, as well as people with different preferences for sports and games. Sports can really heal you up and make your day joyful. You can take your kids ice skating to spend some time with them.

In Dubai, you will find many of them, the mentioned above were just to give you an idea about the prices and environment. You can have different experiences in this city, among them luxury is on the top, so we will suggest you to consider relocating yourself to Dubai, if you can afford to purchase some expensive villas then check out for District One Dubai Villas for sale, you will love them for sure.